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Cozy Vibe Candle Studio

Perfume Oils

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Roll on Perfume Oils
10ml | .33oz

Simply apply to your pulse points and you’re good to go!

Made with unfractionated coconut oil, vitamin E and high quality fragrance.

-Paraben and Phthalate free fragrance oils
-Oil based perfume oil
-Perfume oil best applied directly to skin.

Featured Scents:

-SELF LOVE | Peony, Rose, Nectarine, Cedar, and Musk
Best kind of love! Bright and playful peonies with many layers of sophistication including citrus, cedar and musk.

-BRUNCH DATE | Sparkling Prosecco, Raspberries and Citrus
Sweet, bubbly, and refreshing like a brunch mimosa!

-PINK LYCHEE | pink lychee, tiger lily, hibiscus and mimosa.
Fruity and light fragrance that has a hint of floral and musk!

-COASTAL WALKS | ocean moss, lavender and wild flowers.
Soothing beachy scent with a emphasis on lavender!

-GARDENIA + GRAPEFRUIT | grapefruit, white lily, grapefruit, cedar wood and vanilla