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Cozy Vibe Candle Studio

Wax Melts | Fall Collection

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Easiest way to infuse fragrance without a flame or wick!

Contains 6 heart shaped wax melts | 2oz Total

Made with up to 15% post-consumer recycled plastic and contains tight sealing action to keep ingredients fresh. 100% recyclable after use.

2 oz Heart Wax Melt Details:

-Natural, Premium Coconut Tart Wax
-High Quality Fragrance Oils
-Added Botanicals

Fall Scents:

Pumpkin S’mores | pumpkin, roasted marshmallow, cedar and musk

Apple Crumble | apples, cinnamon, nutmeg and crumbles

Bonfire | tobacco leaf, smokey vanilla, roasted chestnut and birch

Cedar Cottage | bergamot, cedar and myrrh